Okay--okay... before we go any further here… let us just say right upfront, especially for any deranged goofballs or aspiring "Disgruntled Postal Employees of the Month" out there hoping for:

This is NOT for YOU!

Based on the
award-winning book,
A Survival Manual
by Tom Greene 
Jonathan Torp,
Off The Boss Online is cyberspace's preeminent
(and only)
"Living With an
Idiot Boss"

Survival Guide.   

(Now in its 10th Printing, 
the book has sold over 
55,000 copies!)  


     The idea for OFF THE BOSS was first hatched some years ago by motion picture and TV writer/producers Tom Greene and Jonathan Torp when they ran a successful television and commercial production company… aptly called “The Runamuk Company”

     At a very young age they were confronted with a constant parade of employees who would march into their offices with the usual complaints, gripes, grievances, and pissy whining typical of any busy company chock full of a plethora of sensitive creative types.

     Greene and Torp found themselves spending more time leading virtual group therapy sessions than in production meetings!

     A few years later when Greene himself began producing motion pictures and television shows, he found himself in a similar situation. All productions needs literally hundreds of people to make it work… and as producer, Greene had to oversee all THEIR daily complaints, grumblings,  grievances, jeremiads and general whining… along with another even more volatile animal… big name, over paid ACTORS!   It seemed that no matter where you worked, no matter how big or small the company, the daily complaints were the same and consistent. 

   When Torp, who came onboard some of Greene’s television shows as a staff writer and story editor, and thus was technically his employee… ALSO began to grumble… they both realize they had something here. A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE of grumbling… a common ground between all people, no matter what race, creed, religion or Taco Bell you worked in. There had to be a way that the same advice they were giving to their grumbling masses, could be passed along to the world’s grumbling masses!


     Greene and Torp decided to let the world in on some of their secrets of misguided job priorities… with special emphasis on how to pop the boss’s over-inflated “balloon”. They both went to work going over tons of letters, papers, death threats and tuna fish stained suicide notes to create their Bible to Boss Offing. 

     While Greene and Torp began to write the book, Torp, who is also a successful, award-winning graphic and web designer went to work designing both the book and the website… and the rest is history.

     Without fanfare, in 1998, the website went online and proved to be an immediate hit and welcome escape for the world’s boss-bashed masses. Within a year, the site had garnered dozens of awards, and the book was selling very briskly, not just too helpless employees, but oddly enough, to bosses as well.  They've discovered that giving copies of the book to their workers proves that they not only have a sense of humor, but is actually a great safeguard against getting tarred and feathered at the company picnic!

     The site and book have been featured on numerous TV and Radio shows, has been written up in websites and newspapers throughout the world, and is already creating several "spin-offings".  

     Among the "spin-offing’s" is a TV show, wherein Employees will compete for the chance of telling off their boss on nationwide television; a syndicated Off The Boss advice column;  and specially designed Off The Boss corporate seminars, just perfect for Corporate “Elite Retreats”, or special “human resource” meetings in which we use our Off The Boss expertise to teach  employees and boss how to communicate with each other without getting out the dueling pistols… and how, as individuals, to keep themselves from creating all those demons and monsters off “Boss-dom” that sap their energy and dominate their lives both at and away from work.  

     For more information regarding anything presented here please contact us at mailto:Info@offtheboss.com


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