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Off The Boss 

The Files - Part Two

See How Not to become your own worst enemy!

See how to take the sting out of your stupid Boss' thoughtless comments!

Go one-on-one with an Actual Boss and see what's really going on inside that thick skull!!
See how to take your Boss out of your life ALTOGETHER!

See how you can use US to TELL OFF YOUR BOSS for you!!... PRESENTING our Off The Boss INTERNET POSTCARD Service!   And it's FREE!!

See what other people have to say about their God-Awful bosses! Share your own Boss Horror Stories!!  Or just gather around our "Cyber Water Cooler" and vent what's bugging you!
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1) Now that we have a much better handle on what we're actually up against when dealing with our boss, let's spend a little time seeing if there's anything we can do to assure we don't go waving an open can of rocket fuel in front of the "dragon".

Go on to the next chapter, "The Tire Iron Story", to continue on your road to OFFING THE BOSS!!

2) Your boss constantly ragging on you over the most insignificant stuff?

Fed-up with their personal attacks and nattering nastiness?

See how you can put an abatement on their beratement and actually come out ahead!  

It's all due to "The Bag Lady Effect"...


3) Even though we now have a much better sense for just what makes a boss tick, and what ticks them off, one of the truly great mysteries of all time has to be just what's REALLY going on inside that tiny mass of protoplasm that passes for a boss' brain! 

Wouldn’t it be great to sit a boss down, rip open their skull (metaphorically speaking, of course), and tap their mind?

As a special feature of Off The Boss Online, every month we  plead, implore and if we have to, blackmail a REAL LIVE BOSS to appear as our Guest Mystery Boss.

Under a veil of anonymity, our Guest Mystery Boss has agreed to field your questions and answer truthfully (or else we release that compromising video of them best described as "Honeymoon with a Donkey!")

So if you'd like a peek into those rare insights that could only drip from the mind of a "master", visit our next chapter and Tap A Boss' Brain!

Visit the CyberU College of Business and learn!









4) Well, then, let’s recap.

We're now careful not to self-destruct by creating a monster that doesn't exist,  deployed our "protective shields" against our boss' lunatic tirades and gotten a taste for a boss' "thought" process.

So what else can we do to STICK IT TO THE BOSS?

How ‘bout we stick it to ‘em where it hurts?! Not just a little. But where it really, REALLY hurts! And just where’s that?

I mean, once you’ve insulated yourself against their (and your own) counter- productive mind sets, nullifying practically anything the boss can throw at you -- what’s left?

Simple. Take them out of your life COMPLETELY! Make them invisible. Now isn’t that a wonderful thought? An invisible boss!!

Hey, don't worry. Our train of thought hasn’t gotten derailed somewhere around Fantasyland. But we do want you to consider something for a moment. Think about what would happen if a boss wasn’t needed anymore. If their total reason-to-be on this planet was totally taken away because they were replaced by someone else. What would happen?...

They would cease to exist!

Let’s have a moment of silence here while we savor that idea...

A dream come true, huh? You bet! And not just some crazy Starbuck's induced buzz!

No doubt by now you’re practically chomping at the bit to ask how you make this happen. Who do you replace your boss WITH?

With YOURSELF, of course!

Better known as:

The Inner Boss!

5)  We realize that it might take a little time for you to get all of our OFF THE BOSS game plan up to speed, so in the meanwhile, how'd you like to nail your boss with a little "Reality Check" and Actually -- TELL THEM OFF WITHOUT Getting Fired!

HOW??? You Ask...
Simple! We Answer... 

Let US OFF THE BOSS For You! Anonymously send them one of our classic OFF THE BOSS POSTCARDS!!!

 Phew! By now betcha could sure use a break.  

Click Here to hang out at the old Cyber Water Cooler" and see what others out there are saying about their jobs and "idiot" bosses... And how Off The Boss Online has worked for them!

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