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From the Creators of Off The Boss!: A Survival Manual and Website comes the show that offers the chance to share the ultimate wish-fulfillment of a lifetime: 
to Tell Off Your Boss on

National Television
without getting fired!

OFF THE BOSS!, the television series, is a tightly structured "free-for-all", pitting Employees against their Employer, and with the help of the studio audience, allowing one lucky Employee to finally vent all their pent-up frustrations against their number one "enemy"... their Boss!

Imagine... coming home from your job, freshly beaten down by your idiot boss... only to turn on the TV to hear similar "war" stories, told by "guests" you can completely identify with... people just like you! Then imagine sharing in the satisfaction and fun of one of these lucky "guests" getting to "Off the Boss"!... just as you would if given this amazing once-in-a-lifetime chance!

OFF THE BOSS! is a highly visual show. In order to create a new and intriguing style -- and to make the ever intensifying tension and suspense of the final "offing" a heatedly anticipated event... the Boss, befitting their godlike mentality will be situated offstage, seen and heard through Rounds One and Two on a massive overhead TV screen.

Picture the autonomous head of the "Wizard of Oz" when he demands the Wicked Witch’s broom (and "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain").

The Boss will be able to hear and see his employees and comment on their accusations and gripes and defend himself... but his physical absence will continue to give him/her that "omniscient" presence that we love to hate in our own bosses.

The proceedings will be marshaled by our Host who will have the ability, with a sharp irony, and a trenchant attitude to fan the flames of bosses and employees alike, showing no mercy to either side!


Each show will begin with a dramatic "swearing in ceremony" where the Boss, looming ever omnipotent on the massive overhead screen, vows under oath that no matter what transpires during the next half hour -- that they will NOT fire the Employees involved.

Onstage, the day’s three Employees, sitting in chairs on a platform, will introduce themselves and give a brief job description. The Employees will then have the chance to make an opening statement, as to their specific complaint against their Boss... the more "dramatic" the better.


The Employees are then afforded the opportunity to vent, one at a time, their complaints and pet peeves about their Boss. We’re able to view the Boss’s offstage reaction to this via our overhead screen and although they’re able to piss and moan over what’s being said about them, they’re not able to confront their workers directly (at least not yet... but just you wait)!

This indirect communication fans the flames that are already burning, and only intensifies the desire of each Employee to have the ability to off their Boss at the final e.


During Round Two, the Boss, still omnipresent above us on the large screen, finally gets to defend himself/herself, and answer back to each employee’s complaints, gripes and accusations that have been made against them.

Round Two ends with a bang as each Employee is allowed a closing statement against their Boss, and the audience mulls over which Employee is "Most Deserving" of a chance to try and "OFF THE BOSS!"


And now... the moment everyone’s been waiting for...

Round three begins with the audience voting as to which employee they feel is most worthy of a chance to OFF THE BOSS! The "chosen Employee" is then "prepared for the offing", while the Boss descends from their position as a lofty "Video Presence" and, for the first time, enters the studio.

The Boss’s entrance is treated with great fanfare. Much like a Gladiator coming into the arena to face his enemy... and not unlike those modern day gladiators -- the bombastic wrestlers of the WWF and the WCW as they strut through the cheering and jeering crowds towards the ring for their own head-to-head confrontation.

As the Boss makes their way to the stage... on the overhead screen they once occupied, we will see a quick, highly charged (and totally tongue-in-cheek) "Biography" of the Boss, expounding briefly on their journey from birth to "Boss-dom"... all to further personalize the boss and heighten the pending "moment of truth".


The lucky "winning" Employee is at last able to confront their Boss face-to-face for the first time. The Employee is given thirty seconds to use any and all verbal pyrotechnics (shy of any physical contact!) to say everything they always wanted to say to their boss... to blow up and let loose that pent-up "dam" of anger, frustration and rage.

And they’d better do hell of a job of it! For you see, the audience is watching their "chosen gladiator" very carefully… For after the "offing" it is they who will decide if the chosen employee has indeed successfully "offed" their boss. If they do vote "thumbs up", then the employee not only wins the glory of the "offing", but they also win a weekend paid vacation over and above their allocated vacation time!

On the other hand, if the audience votes against the Employee’s "offing", the Employee not only has to face the humiliation of blowing their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but the Boss gets the cash equivalent of the paid vacation! And of course, probably best of all, the enormous ego gratification that their Employee "whimped out" and couldn’t "off" them.

The Employee is not the only voice during the offing for their Boss can answer back with their own sharp comebacks against the attack. In addition, the audience, the Host, and the other employees are encouraged to goad, encourage or even taunt either the Boss or Employee, depending on who they think is getting the better or worst of the "offing".

Once the thirty seconds are up, the audience votes by holding up a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down" card indicating their feeling as to whether their chosen employee has successfully OFFed THE BOSS!

Remember now, we're looking for ALL LEVELS of Employee/Bossdom:

From the supermarket cashier and their “key carrier”, to the stock clerk and their supervisor, to the Bank Manger and the President... all the way up to the CEO and the Board of Directors! Everyone has a boss... so everyone qualifies! 

If you think you could get your Boss and two fellow employees to appear on our show and play our game, or if you're a boss who prides them self on keeping your cool no matter what you're confronted with..
Please E-Mail us below for information regarding contestant interviews...


We look forward to hearing from you soon...

Here're a few examples of the responses we've gotten so far:

Great idea! Yes, we would very much be interested! I’m one of the heads of the leasing committee for a Chevrolet dealership in Los Angeles, and we go through lease reps like peanuts here! I can easily think of at least four employees who work for me, and have lasted more than a few months, who I would love to try and “off me”! I know I’d win the money. I jokingly spoke to some of them last week, and it’s all they talk about now!   -- JD  ô¿ô

We work for a Crating and Fine Arts Transportation Company. Sounds really impressive... but we’re just a bunch of dust-movers. And our boss is... well in a word... an asshole! And when we asked him if he’d come on a show like this... he said, sure! But without pay for the time we’d be there! “Are you kidding?”, we told him, “We’d PAY HIM to get a chance to fry his butt on TV!” So, you got us all, ready willing and able! -- MS/PN/AI/VP

You ready for this? How about a Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon and his “crew”? Funny to say, but I think we “play” your game every day here in the clinic! Yes, if you can “stomach” it, me and some of my staff would be game to give it a go! I mean... we’ve had lots of practice!  -- Dr. TC, M.D.

Okay, I know how this is going to sound... but I work for a Pest Control Company in Norwalk, CA. And you got it... the only pest I can’t control is my boss, well actually the dispatcher, who is technically my immediate boss, but he thinks he’s top dog here. The dog part is right. Oh yes, oh yes... please, please let us come on and control him! I promise you he’ll come. Just tell him there’s free food and he’s there. What a jerk! I can’t wait! How many of us can come, by the way and gang up on him? -- WB

We specialize in building custom hogs, and because of that, I think that’s why our boss likes to throw mud around. You’d have a whole lot of employees hammering for this gig, let me tell you! See, our Boss is the regional Harley rep, and he pisses off some twenty stores in California alone! That’s a lot of hungry grease monkey’s that would like the chance to BBQ him! My friend Del talked to the boss guy about this and he thought it was a joke, but if it’s for real, he ain’t going to back down now! -- Big Folsey

This is perfect for us! We’re a Court Reporting Company, and it sounds to me like your show is a “kangaroo court” if I ever heard one. I think it would be fun to go on with my reporters. I’m the Boss, and although I think I’m a nice gal... I’ll just bet they could throw me through some hoops. Hey, I’m no dummy! I don’t like to look stupid... but, you see, I know I can hold my own through any “hoops” they throw at me (I took gymnastics’ in high school!), and it would teach them a good lesson to see just what I can take... and what I can give!  -- Ms. KR

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